KW Commercial Corporate Services

KW Commercial has formed a new division, Corporate Services.  The primary objective of Corporate Services is to support all KW Commercial Brokers in regards to any client that a KW Commercial Broker has.  Our team will support a broker that has a relationship with a client and will help to expand that relationship on a regional or national basis.  For example, if a broker has closed a transaction with a company in his/her market recently, which has other offices, warehouses, and retail sites scattered across a region, which a broker now has the opportunity to secure incremental business outside of their locale which could result in additional commissions. The Corporate Services Team will create a strategy to secure more deals.

The initial focus of Corporate Services is geared towards national tenant representation.  The long term goals are to provide the following core services:

  1. Corporate Real Estate Services

Traditional office, operational space (data centers, call centers, etc.), manufacturing and warehouse/distribution facilities.

  1. Retail Services

Focusing on multiple facility retailers, single net leased retail properties, nationally managed strip and community shopping centers, regional malls and “big box” retail centers.

  • Investment Services

All forms of income-producing properties including multi-family housing, retail, and land.

  1. Landlord Listing/Representation

Special assignments dedicated to land or building representation focused on either sales or leasing.