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Each investor has a unique profile with specific underwriting concerns and goals.  We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach on investing.  We believe real estate can create real value in a person’s life and the community. Our goal is to help you create a life by design instead of being the victim of a paycheck.  With more than twelve years of experience, we have shared out skills and knowledge in negotiation and hyper local knowledge with our clients, using targeted marketing and technology.


Because we have a national affiliation, we have a global reach, with over 1,900 other agents and 160 offices nationwide. But we don’t have to answer to share holders.  Instead, we answer to our clients and can be nimble and responsive in ways big public companies can’t.  Our company collaborates in ways most other companies do not and that is good for you as our clients. We are committed to using hard work, creativity, and integrity to bring you the best possible results.

Why Us?


Collaborative prosperity has long been a hallmark of the SVN culture.  We support diversity and inclusion.  By sharing data, fees, knowledge, and opportunities, we are accelerating innovation and growth within the brokerage community and driving outsized success for our clients, our colleagues, and our communities.



Create amazing value with my clients, colleagues and community.


Cooperate proactively and place my clients’ best interests above my own.


Include, respect and support all members of the commercial real estate industry.


Honor my commitments.


Personify and uphold the SVN brand.


Resolve conflicts quickly, professionally and effectively.


Take personal responsibility for achieving my own potential.


Excel in my market area and specialty.


Focus on the positive and the possible.


Nurture my career while valuing the importance of family, health and community.


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