Brian Truman

Brian Truman joined Accel Group in 2016, specializing in multi-family sales. He understands the mindset of business and building owners, having owned his own successful business brokerage for several years. He helps people with all different levels of investing experience. Whether you are a newbie or a pro, he can help you build wealth over time through investing in commercial real estate.

His previous national sales experience and his obsession with service have increased the team’s overall deal size and reach.  Brian is an accomplished sales manager with 24 years of sales–consultative and change management and selling.  He has negotiated both in the public and private sectors, with experience in selling to C-level decision makers and business owners doing deals in the hundreds of millions.

With a reputation as a successful collaborator, project management and budgeting, he has 16 years dealing with governments on all levels. Not only has Brian worked in the Public Sector, but he has also served in the Public Sector as a City Councilman and Board of Zoning and Appeals member.  Brian and his wife reside in the Middle Tennessee since 2006.