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The Benefits of Working with SVN Commercial Partners

The Benefits of Working with SVN ACCEL Commercial Real Estate Advisors In the dynamic world of commercial real estate, strategic partnerships can be game-changers.   One name that stands out in this realm is SVN Commercial Real Estate Advisors.   This company has carved a niche for itself by fostering

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Residential Agents Juggling Chain Saws

Residential Agents and Commercial Agents Commercial real estate is a high-stakes game, often compared to juggling chainsaws. Unlike their residential counterparts, CRE agents must be MacGyvers of the property world, wielding duct tape-like resourcefulness to find the right zoning, assets, leases, and investment opportunities. They’re constantly scrutinizing market data with

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2024 Economic Update 2/23/24

1. INFLATION According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Consumer Price Index rose 0.3% month over month in January and 3.1% annually. The monthly pace of CPI rose above market expectations and triggered a brief reversal in equity markets. Fed officials have also been increasingly warning against a premature

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Balancing Market Liquidity and Appraisal Gaps

I would hate to be a practicing commercial appraiser right now. I remember trying to develop opinions of value in the aftermath of 2008-2009 even years later. I can remember incurring the wrath of brokers when we had to use historical data, and the chasm was immense. The commercial real estate sector is

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Are You Loyalty Blind?

Why “Familiar Realtors” Won’t Necessarily Secure You the Best Commercial Deal   First-time commercial real estate buyers, listen up! While that “friendly realtor” might seem like a safe bet, loyalty based solely on personal ties can be your biggest pitfall in this competitive market. Let’s be honest, a charming smile

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2024 SVN | Research Economic Update

Economic Update SVN | Research January 5, 2024 1. DECEMBER JOBS REPORT US nonfarm payrolls increased by 216,000 in December, above November’s growth of 173,000 jobs and exceeding the consensus estimate of 170,000 according to the Census Bureau’s latest employment report. Meanwhile, initial jobless claims fell during the final week

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What is a Letter of Intent?

What Is a Letter of Intent? A letter of intent (LOI), also known as a memorandum of understanding (MOU) or term sheet, is a document commonly used in business transactions to outline the key terms and conditions of a proposed agreement between two or more parties. It serves as a

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Types of Partnerships In Real Estate

Types of Partnerships in Real Estate A person can employ a variety of partnerships to buy commercial real estate. The most typical varieties include: General partnership: In a general partnership, each partner is equally responsible and liable for the success of the company. Each partner has a voice in how

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What is DSCR in Lending?

How Does a Bank Tell If a Property Makes Enough Money? Banks want commercial real estate to at least pay for itself and they use a ratio to confirm called the DSCR[/caption] The ability of a borrower to make loan payments is measured by the debt service coverage ratio (DSCR).

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What is a Discount Rate?

A Discount Rate is a reasonable rate you could expect to receive in a traditional investment A discount rate is a percentage used in commercial real estate to determine the present value of future cash flows. It is sometimes referred to as the opportunity cost of capital or the needed

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Comparing Investment Types

Stocks and Bonds VS. Commercial Real Estate Traditional investments in stocks and bonds, as well as investments in insurance products and commercial real estate, all have major differences that include the following: Investing in commercial real estate typically results in larger returns than investing in traditional stocks and bonds, but

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Choosing Your Team

Choose Your Team Wisely It has been said the investing in Commercial Real Estate is a team “Contact” Sport. Who is on your team? Find someone who has done it before and learn from them Do you have a good lender is looking for ways to do deals instead of

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How To Lease Part I

What is a lease? What makes it legal? What does NNN, Modified Gross and Gross mean? How do you negotiate a lease?

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