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The SVN® brand was founded in 1987 out of a desire to improve the commercial real estate industry for all stakeholders through cooperation and organized competition. SVN is now a globally recognized commercial real estate brand united by a shared vision of creating value with clients, colleagues and our communities. When you choose SVN you mobilize the entire SVN organization of experts and all our trusted relationships to act on your behalf. This shared network is the SVN Difference..

Shared value Network

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SVN is a collaborative force that accelerates our clients’ growth by
harnessing the power of shared data, knowledge, & opportunities.

results maximization

Experience the difference in maximizing value at your next disposition


SVN is one of the most powerful brokerages brokerage firms, raked #7 in the US.  These rankings are a testament to both grit, personal development and commitment to personal excellence


SVN has award-winning technology, a state-of-the-art Live platform, and uses forward thinking innovation to serve our clients.  

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